•IT Staffing
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•IT staffing:

At INFOLYTE, we understand the various requirements you have in terms of quality resources. Our professionals bring in great value and success to your teams making them prosper than what you can even imagine. Proved as the best in the market with exceptional time and money management skills, INFOLYTE offers you a chance to select from the best of the best resources available in various technologies. We provide you the perfect professional resources who exactly suits your long list of specific requirements. INFOLYTE respects the time and money of our clients and our professionals too. We always believe in mutual coordination and gives a highest level of priority to satisfy the personal goals and ambitions of our resources thereby providing our clients with the best successes they deserve.

•Consulting Services:

INFOLYTE provides you the best consulting service experience ever. We understand that you always strive to put your company on the top place but something doesn’t work out as good as what you have planned. Did you ever realize that rectifying the smallest mistakes that we do can bring the biggest change in our business? YES, although great care is taken in preparing the plan and executing it in the best way possible, there are still chances that some errors might have crept in. This is when you need INFOLYTE IT Technologies. We understand your business from every point of view and analyze the minuet part of it. We bring in alternate plans and compare them with what you have implemented and analyze what results might have been if the other plan was worked out. We respect the time and efforts you have put into your company and analyze your process for efficiency and quality. We inspect each and every detail of your process and bring in plans to help you grow your business. With the help of highly experienced professionals, INFOLYTE helps you understand business in a complete different prospective and gives you the best possible methods to develop yourself in no time.

•Software Development:

Outsourcing your business projects to a trusted company not only relieves you from the mental pressure but also saves you a lot of money. When it comes to software development, INFOLYTE IT Technologies is the best option to be first considered. With the exceptional highly qualified resources, we bring in the cheapest possible solution with the highest quality. Regardless of the task you come up with, INFOLYTE has the capacity to handle them with ease and provide the best results possible. We understand outsourcing of your projects is a very brave step and can only be taken when the company wins your trust. INFOLYTE having won the trust of most of our clients is a very proud entity which most companies look at for their software development. Respecting your time, efforts, and money, INFOLYTE would never let our clients down because we at INFOLYTE has more interest in your trust than your money.


INFOLYTE is not an organization without our family, the highly-qualified professionals. We respect the personal aims of our resources and provide them a platform to learn everything they desire and deserve. INFOLYTE believes in the inherent talents and skills of each individuals and strongly feels that training is what makes the difference. We provide the best quality training services and offers the best practices to turn them into professionals. Sky is the only limit to learning and we at INFOLYTE believe that offering the best training would surely make a difference. Respecting the time of everyone, we provide lectures such that they can be learnt in their own convenient timings. We give them online support and give them an understanding of how a technology works in real time. We believe any technology can only be learnt when you practice it and not just by theoretical learning. So, we provide them chances to look at some real-time projects and work in their own style helping them understand the practical implementations of the theoretical principles they learned.