About us




INFOLYTE It technologies is built not just to attract and retain the talent available in the industry but to stand as an example to others and become an entity by which the whole industry is measured. We aspire to grow as the future of the entire talent acquisition industry and serve our clients not just by providing them with high quality professional service but also by addressing their business issues through our expert’s advice. Our organization strives to quench the individual aims and ambitions of our professionals and make them a part of our future.


Striving to be the best in our discipline by sharing our resources and shaping our future by discovering new knowledge and showing the world that every individual has an inherit talent or skill.

Core Values:

INFOLYTE works on 4 Core values what we call as the 4C’s

Creative         - Be creative enough to show the world                           something which it has never seen.

Courageous   - Be courageous enough to bring out what                           you create and fight for what you believe in.

Commitment - Be committed to yourself and never                           allow someone else to point out at you.

Consistent     - Be consistent and deliver better results                            every single time.

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